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Invasion Part 1: Satan’s Destruction of Biblical Authority

Part 1 of 3 of the "Watchman on the Wall" Series. Learn how the King James Bible is the pure word of prophecy -- discover how the Word of God explains everything that's ever happened in the past, is happening today and is going to happen in the future. Get prepared to recognize Satan's tactics as he works to destroy Biblical Authority.

The Occult in Christian Music

Discover Satan's Plan Of Destruction From Within The Contemporary Christian Music Industry. Pastor Mike Hoggard shares a fascinating study that reveals Satan's plan of destruction from within our churches with amazing footage of occult symbols in contemporary Christian videos.

Unmasking the Da Vinci Code

Though a novel, the bestseller "The DaVinci Code" claims to be based on historical facts that not only question, but directly attack the deity of Jesus Christ and the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. Discover how the false doctrines and heresies revealed in "The DaVinci Code" have already taken root in mainstream Christianity.

Which Bible Should I Believe?

Discover how the modern translations of the Bible are actually tools that Satan is using to bring in a new religion and a New World Order. You will be amazed at the hidden truth behind the satanic logo on one of these "Bibles." With this in mind, you need to ask yourself, "Which Bible IS Right for Me?"

9/11 and Beyond, The Babel Conspiracy Updated

Since doing this study, Pastor Mike Hoggard clearly sees patterns that our enemy uses in this world, numerical and symbolic patterns that indicate to those who know how to read the signals that the plan for global dominance is moving forward.

The New Age, Rick Warren And The Great Falling Away

Pastor Mike Hoggard reveals the shocking truth that the foundation for Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church is New Age Doctrine! In fact, one of Warren's major church pillars is the infamous Marilyn Ferguson's book entitled, "Aquarian Conspiracy."

Solomon's Key Revealed

Discover the True Secret of Freemasonry from the King James Bible. Using the elements of Scripture numerics, Bible Typology, and the prophetic Word of God, Pastor Mike Hoggard reveals the Illuminati's most darkest, diabolical secrets.

Biblical Secrets Revealed (King James Code) Part 2

Understand numbers in the Bible and their relation to Bible Prophecy. This is the second half of Pastor Mike Hoggard's "Biblical Secrets Revealed" conference. He explains his fascinating discovery of numerical and textual patterns, giving a greater insight into the true meaning and fulfillment of last days prophecies.

Biblical Secrets Revealed (King James Code) Part 1

Pastor Mike Hoggard explains how Scripture Numerics and Bible Prophecy (the King James Code) go hand in hand. Amazing numerical patterns in the King James Bible Revealed! Discover how to understand numbers in the Bible and their relation to Bible Prophecy.

The Babel Conspiracy, 9/11 and Beyond

A dark conspiracy exists that will one day lead to global domination by none other than Lucifer himself. The roots of this conspiracy are found in Scripture, with the story of the Tower of Babel as its focus. See how events and Biblical prophecies given thousands of years ago are being fulfilled right in front of our very eyes.

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