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Paradigm Shift And DNA

Discover the connection between the Paradigm Shift and DNA.

DNA Special Report

Discover from Scripture that God wrote man's "book" of DNA and why man shouldn't change it.

The Forbidden Practices

Discover how the Forbidden Practices: Child Sacrifice, Divination, Astrology, Enchantments, Witchcraft, Charming, Channeling of Spirits, Wizardry, and Necromancy; are not only still in use today, but they are flooding the world and the church with demonic activity.

Understanding Prophecy (4 of 4), Part 3: The Clouds

This is a study of the Apocalyptic Language of the King James Bible. Learn the principals for understanding the Holy Scriptures as a prophetic voice. The KJB contains a language structure revealing fascinating details of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Its beautiful, inspired word structure will come alive as you watch this study.

Understanding Prophecy (3 of 4), Part 2: The Trumpets

God has painted wonderful pictures in the King James Bible of future events. Pictures (types) that reveal plain truths of the Rapture, the rise of the antichrist and the salvation of Israel in the last days. This study of Prophetic Types in the Bible, studied from the aspect of being tied to prophetic Trumpets.

Understanding Prophecy (2 of 4), Part 1: Understanding Direct Prophecies

This series is designed to help students of the Bible understand how the Scriptures speak as a prophetic word. In this teaching, Pastor Mike Hoggard shows, from the Scriptures themselves, the simple rules to follow for comprehending passages in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, and the prophets of God in general.

Understanding Prophecy (1 of 4), Introduction

The Holy Bible -- A Sure Word of Prophecy : Occultic manifestations are occurring in Christian Churches throughout the land -- and the Bible foretold them all! Pastor Mike Hoggard shows how prophecy foretold that these types of satanic activities would infest the church at the End of the Age.

Jesus Christ, DNA And The Holy Bible

Pastor Mike Hoggard discusses how the Scriptures and science come together as we see the amazing connection between the Holy Bible and the code book of our bodies, DNA. This video is the first of a three part series that includes the Mother of All Secrets and the Triple Helix.

Invasion Part 3: The Emerging Church

Conclusion of the Invasion Series. Pastor Mike Hoggard gives his testimony on how upon becoming Pastor of his church, God immediately began to apply the rod of chastening. God did not so much chastize as to set him free from the bondage of "performing" every Sunday to appeal to the fickle nature of saved and lost people alike.

Invasion Part 2: Satan's War Against Our Homes, Churches and Country

Part 2 of 3 of the "Watchman on the Wall" Series. Pastor Mike Hoggard shows the details of the attack on the Church from the book of Ephesians (principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places). See this attack taking place in our homes, our churches and our government.

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