Baphomet, God Of Transformation

Discover Why Society Seems To Be Going Through A "Paradigm Shift" And How It's Being Accomplished

Using the King James Bible, Pastor Mike Hoggard decodes the symbolism behind the god of the Knights Templar. Our world, our nation and our churches are being transformed to the image of Lucifer. This video reveals HOW this transformation takes place.

Suddenly, our entire Western society seems to be going through a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in which everything seems to be changing at once! Our civilization is actively getting ready to prepare for the appearance of Antichrist. Pastor Mike shows, not only what is being changed, but HOW it is being changed. Using the language of occult symbols, with the Bible revealing their true nature, you will see how the New Age is transforming everything we see into a New World Order.

Date: 11/02/10

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