The Mystery Of Contemplative Prayer

Discover The Root And Goal Of Christian Mysticism And Altered States Of Consciousness

Pastor Mike Hoggard explores the Mystery of Contemplative Prayer. This is an in-depth study of Christian mysticism, altered states of consciousness and the root and goal of these practices. The fastest growing source of Satan's influence into fundamental and evangelical churches in America is a new age, yoga-like meditation called Contemplative Prayer. Those who practice it say they hear the voice of God inside them. But is it God's voice, or the voice of a familiar spirit?

In this video presentation, Pastor Mike examines the roots of this practice and follows the trail to the Vatican and beyond. Since the trail ultimately traces back to the Roman Catholic Church, then you must understand the deeply Satanic power behind this Mystical practice. Literally, those who practice Contemplative Prayer are being led by the spirit of Antichrist, and are being used to facilitate the rise of the Beast in the last days.

Date: 10/29/10

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