Answer to the Lost Riddle Part 1

Freemason Symbols Revealed

Excellent review of the Masonic symbols used in Washington, D.C., and their meanings when used in regular Masonry. Masonry calls itself a society of secrets, and now through the light of the Holy Scriptures that secret is revealed.

Pastor Mike Hoggard reveals the true meaning of the square and compass, masonic rituals, the lodge, the 33 degrees, and the spiral staircase. This presentation also unveils the masonic ‘Lost Word’ as none other than the Antichrist. Scores of Masonic symbols will be examined and revealed in this eye-opening video.

Freemason Symbols Revealed exposes the symbols, rituals and monuments of Freemasonry and is part 1 of the Answer to the Lost Riddle series -- an in-depth study from Dan Brown's Book, "The Lost Symbol."

Date: 10/26/10

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