Bethel Homecoming 2010 (6 of 6)

Part 6: All Have Sinned

Part 6: All Have Sinned And Come Short Of The Glory Of God (Romans 3). Pastor Mike Hoggard concludes 2010 Homecoming with a mini-lesson in humility by comparing three different groups of people, Israel (Jews), King James Bible Believers and Lost Souls. In chapter three of the book of Romans, it describes the high position the Jews had with God. They were God’s chosen people, entrusted with the oracles of the only true God. The gentiles and the Samaritans (half Jews) hated them. Why? They thought and acted as though they were better than anyone else. The Apostle Paul certainly had that attitude when he was hunting down and killing the Christians, until the incident on the way to Damascus. Paul would later, after his conversion, write the Book of Romans where he stated that ALL had sinned and fell short of the glory of God.

Today, because we as King James Bible believers, fundamentalists to the core, have been given so much, we can become proud and treat others as less than. The fact is we still have nothing going for us except the saving Blood of Jesus Christ. Believers must not forget that and let our actions reflect it also. That lost soul you’ve invited to church might be more apt to accept when you have an attitude of humility rather than superiority. Can we get an amen on that?

Bethel Homecoming is a three day, live event hosted each year by Bethel Church for Pastor Mike’s Watchers and Bethel's Extended Congregation to gather and fellowship in person. The year 2010 is the First Annual Bethel Homecoming.

Date: 08/08/10

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