Bethel Homecoming 2010 (4 of 6)

Part 4: Biblical Typology And Symbols

Part 4: Biblical Typology And The Language Of Symbols. The title to this portion of the 2010 Homecoming teachings could very well be: The Art of the Watchman 101. Some of us, like Pastor Mike Hoggard, have been called by God to be a watchman for our church, our family and even our nation. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Just stand on the wall and look out at the city below and the wilderness beyond. Not quite! You must know what the enemy looks like and sounds like. If there are breaches in the wall, it's likely the enemy knows where they are.

The Bible tells us a great deal about the fourth dimension and what kind of shadow it casts on our three dimensional world. The veracity of the Bible stands or falls upon prophecy -- even one unfulfilled prophecy would necessarily disannul the authority of the Holy Scriptures. In order to usurp God’s throne, Satan has been trying since the Garden of Eden to deceive mankind into thinking godhood is attainable without the Cross of Jesus Christ. Since flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, Jesus shed His sin-laden flesh on the Cross while His new body is being formed from the church.

The first and second comings of the Lord Jesus Christ are seen as shadows and types in the Old Testament. Moses is a type of Christ when Christ came the first time. Pharaoh, inspired by Satan, tried to kill Moses by having all the children murdered as did Herod when the Christ Child was born. Joshua is a type of Christ in his second coming. Satan’s current attempts at making Bible prophecy fail include trying to change the DNA of the church by the use of false Bibles, false teachers, and using so-called science to achieve immortality, while keeping the sinful, corrupted bodies we inherited from Adam and Eve.

Pastor Mike shows example after example of events in the Old Testament having their fulfillment in the New Testament. Along with these fundamentals of typology, and as we learn more about symbolic language of the Bible, comes responsibility to warn others about the destruction that is coming and that the only safe place will be in the body of Jesus Christ. Bible prophecy is God’s way of testifying about Himself, that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Bethel Homecoming is a three day, live event hosted each year by Bethel Church for Pastor Mike’s Watchers and Bethel's Extended Congregation to gather and fellowship in person. The year 2010 is the First Annual Bethel Homecoming.

Date: 08/07/10

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