Bethel Homecoming 2010 (3 of 6)

Part 3: Biblical Numerics

Part 3: Biblical Numerics, Typology And Language. After God told Pastor Mike that he was to study prophecy, he started noticing numerical patterns in the King James Bible. The more he looked, the more he found and by using a Bible search software (Quick Verse 3.0), Pastor Mike Hoggard confirmed (as you may also do) that numerical patterns are a part of God’s Word for us, giving us affirmation that this truly is God’s Word.

Other aspects that came to the forefront is the Bible’s use of typology and language structure. As God’s children, we love pictures and the Bible is full of them. What are women a picture of in the Bible? What are men? When we see a story or picture of a lion in the Bible, who or what does that represent? The Old Testament is full of shadows and types of things that are explained in the New Testament and tell us what is going to happen in the future.

My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, God reiterates, and this is why the Jews cannot ‘see’ their Messiah, they only have half the story! Asking his audience for Bible stories, Pastor Mike explains the typology around the story and your heart will leap for joy when he shows some of the typology and the use of “as” in the Bible. Stories discussed include David and Goliath, Joseph and his coat of many colors, Dagon and the Ark of the Covenant, the story of Esther, and more. This study is sure to increase your appetite for God’s Holy Bible.

Bethel Homecoming is a three day, live event hosted each year by Bethel Church for Pastor Mike’s Watchers and Bethel's Extended Congregation to gather and fellowship in person. The year 2010 is the First Annual Bethel Homecoming.

Date: 08/07/10

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