Bethel Homecoming 2010 (2 of 6)

Part 2: A Sure Word of Prophecy

Part 2: The King James Bible Is A Sure Word of Prophecy. It seems like we live in an age of uncertainty. Every day we wake up to some different world shaking event, sometimes in our own backyards. Is this the way God’s children are to live, with doubt, uncertainty, not knowing what is going to happen next?

The Bible calls itself a ‘sure word of prophecy’ -- does that mean God intends for believers to know what lies ahead? Yes. Everything we need to know about living righteously in a fallen world is in the King James Bible that has been preserved and translated without error. The trouble is that for every action or doctrine of God, there is an oppositional attempt by Lucifer to counter God’s work with a counterfeit substitute.

The Bible says God’s Word would stand forever, but how is that possible when the very papyrus of the original manuscripts has turned to dust centuries ago? Many so-called church leaders and best selling authors have led the body of Christ astray by going outside of the Bible for doctrines or lean on experiential knowledge that contradicts the Word of God. Church goers today are so unfamiliar with the Bible, they don’t even care if their practices line up with the Bible as long as it makes them feel good about themselves.

That master imitator, the devil, with the use of false Bibles and false, but popular teachers, have dumbed down Christians so much, that when they are finally presented with the choice of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Antichrist, they will choose the wrong one! There are two lions in the Bible. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the roaring lion who seeks whom he may devour. You owe it to your soul to listen to this timely message and learn the difference between the clean and the unclean, the profane and the Holy. Is being drunk in the spirit a good thing? Is falling backwards ever good? Do you need to know the original languages of Greek and Hebrew to really understand the Bible? Pastor Mike Hoggard answers all these questions and more in this excellent teaching.

Bethel Homecoming is a three day, live event hosted each year by Bethel Church for Pastor Mike’s Watchers and Bethel's Extended Congregation to gather and fellowship in person. The year 2010 is the First Annual Bethel Homecoming.

Date: 08/06/10

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