Prophecy Seminar (3 of 3)

Part 3: Secrets of Our Nation’s Capitol

Pastor Mike Hoggard was invited to conduct a live seminar based on Dan Brown's Book, "The Lost Symbol," for Cutting Edge Ministries. During that seminar, he covered numerous topics that did not make it into any of his other related videos.

In this 3-part Prophecy Seminar, you will see topics such as the true foundations of America's beginnings, the identification of Washington, D.C., as a pagan high place and new discoveries about Bible Numerics. At the end of the seminar, Pastor Mike addresses the issue most people had on their mind: America is very, very close to crossing that Judgment Line with God. The loss of our freedoms is now only awaiting the next 'trigger event' -- either World War III or the next real terror attack.

Date: 01/07/10

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