9/11 and Beyond, The Babel Conspiracy Updated

Discover Numerical And Symbolic Patterns That Expose The Plan For Global Dominance

Since doing this study, Pastor Mike Hoggard clearly sees patterns that our enemy uses in this world, numerical and symbolic patterns that indicate to those who know how to read the signals that the plan for global dominance is moving forward. The following illustrates a little of what Pastor Mike is talking about: David Koresh - killed age 33; Timothy McVeigh - executed age 33; Alfred P. Murrah building exploded - supported by 33 columns; Pope John Paul I - murdered 33 days after becoming pope; Ronald Reagan - shot March 30 (3/30); World Trade Center destroyed - 33 years after steel construction began in 1968; World Trade Center memorial lights - shining from ground zero for 33 nights; Mohammed Attah, pilot of flight 11 - died at age 33.

Date: 04/25/08

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